Tournament 2014

Exceptional event in 2014 with the european professional system beginning the Friday at « La maison de la région ».

In the week-end tournament, 19 nationalities were represented.

The sixth Strasbourg tournament edition became, for its top group, the highest level competition on two days never organized in Europe.


Zhao Baolong
Fan Hui
Fan Hui
Fan Hui
Fan Hui(2p/8d)
Oh Lluis(6d)
Mero Csaba
Mero Csaba(6d)
Lin Viktor(6d)
Noguchi Motoki
Noguchi Motoki
Noguchi Motoki(7d)
Debarre Thomas(6d)
Simara Jan
Lisy Pavol(7d)
 Simara Jan(6d)
Zhao Baolong
Blomback Fredrik
Hora Jan
Li Ting(1p/7d)
Hora Jan(6d)
Blomback Fredrik
Burzo Cornel(6d)
Blomback Fredrik(6d)
Zhao Baolong
Surma Mateusz
Surma Mateusz (6d)
Pop Cristian (6d)
Zhao Baolong
Jabarin Ali(6d)
Zhao Baolong(2p/7d)

Professional system


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