Results 2017

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DNA19mai17 (pdf)


Oh Chi-Min
Oh Chi-Min
Oh Chin-Min
Oh Chi-Min
1. Oh Chi-Min (7d)
Goncalves Simao
Fenech Antoine
8. Fenech Antoine(5d)
Tian Liang(4d)
Debarre Thomas
Debarre Thomas
5. Debarre Thomas(6d)
Götzfried Andreas(4d)
Le Calvé Tanguy
Lextrait César(3d)
 4. Le Calvé Tanguy(6d)
Noguchi Motoki
Noguchi Motoki
Motoki Noguchi
3. Noguchi Motoki(6d)
Lips Fabien(4d)
Welticke Jonas
Zhang Situo (3d)
6. Welticke Jonas (6d)
Surma Mateusz
Huang Andrew
7. Huang Andrew (5d)
Sbai Kévin(4d)
Surma Mateusz
Salignon Jerome(5d)
2. Surma Mateusz (7d)