Results 2016


  1. Strasbourg2016_Final_Standings
  2. Top group players Standings (elimination bracket for the championship):
Kim Seongjin
Kim Seongjin replay
Kim Seongjinreplay
Kim Seongjin
1.Kim Seongjin(7d)
Katayama Mitsuko(5d)
Welticke Jonas
8.Welticke Jonas(5d)
Fenech Antoine(5d)
Debarre Thomas
Drean-Guenaizia B.
5.Drean-Guenaizia (6d)
Cao Ngoc-Trang(3d)
Debarre Thomas
Li Yue(5d)
 4.Debarre Thomas(6d)
Katayama Hiroyuki (7d)
Noguchi Motokireplay
Noguchi Motoki
3.Noguchi Motoki(6d)
Stauder Leon(4d)
Le Calve Tanguy
Vazquez Oscar (3d)
6.Le Calve Tanguy (6d)
Katayama Hiroyuki
Kraemer Lukas
7.Kraemer Lukas(6d)
Salignon Jerome(4d)
Katayama Hiroyuki
Sbai Kevin(4d)
2.Katayama Hiroyuki (7d)

Use right click on the icons replay and « save link as » to download sgf files of the available games.IMG_20160522_155108Finalists photo.