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Use right click on the icons replay and « save link as » to download sgf files of the available games.

Kim Young-san
Noguchi Motokireplay
Dai Junfureplay
Dai Junfu
1. Dai Junfu(8d)
Salignon Jerome(5d)
Papazoglou Ben
8. Papazoglou Ben(6d)
Li Yue(6d)replay
Noguchi Motoki
Debarre Thomasreplay
5. Debarre Thomas(6d)
Welticke Jonas(4d)replay
Noguchi Motoki
4. Noguchi Motoki (7d)
 Hamrah Schayan(5d)
Kim Young-sam
Oh Chi-Minreplay
Oh Chi-Min
3. Oh Chi-Min(7d)
Stauder Leon (4d)
Fu Yaqi
6. Fu Yaqi (6d)
Obenaus Johannes(5d)
Kim Young-Sam
Le Calve Tanguyreplay
7. Le Calve Tanguy (6d)
Fenech Antoine (5d)
Kim Young-Sam
2. Kim Young-Sam(7d)
Naddef Jean-Loup (4d)
  • Sgf file of the 3rd place game: replay